Camping Inks Lake Texas State Park

Lately I have been itching to do something, anything really that will let me get away from it all for a day or two. I have been wanting to do something for a while now, but alas, I have been unable to find myself a companion who is up to the challenge. I did try very hard and yet was unsuccessful.

This time I did not let that stop me though. I decided to go on my own, and I actually had a lot of fun doing so. And here is the recounting of my adventure camping Inks Lake Texas State Park.

The Day Before

THe decision to go camping at Inks Lake was very last minute. I was lying in bed on the 2nd of July thinking about what I should do for my days off for the 4th and I thought it would be awesome to get out and go camping. So I looked up Inks Lake on the Texas Parks and Wildlife site and made a reservation right then and there and decided that if I could not find anyone to go with me I would go by myself.

I did not really want to go alone though, so I called my Mom and asked if she would allow any of my young siblings to go with me. She did not give me an answer at the time, but it turned out that they would be busy. So no luck there.

Next I asked my brother and he said that he was working on the 4th. Sucks, but not much you can do about that.

So I asked his girlfriend, a high school friend of mine, and some friends at work and all said that they would be busy. I guess I should have planed this weeks ago!

The Camp

I left after work on the 3rd and got up to the park at around 5:30. I drove around till I found my campsite and then got settled in for the night, made a fire, set up my hammock, you know, all the usual things.

I reserved campsite 303 thinking that it was close to a spur of the lake, and it was but it was all boggy. How about some pics!

Campsite 303

And making a fire:

For starting the fire I used fire starter logs. They work super well, and you can find them at most grocery stores. Well, at least where I live. I have tried the gell and liquid stuff, but have found that it just doesn’t work that well. This stuff always works. It even works if it gets a little bit damp.

I also set up both my hammock and my tent. I planned to sleep in my hammock, but set up my tent both just in case and because I have not used it in a while and I though I ought to let it air out.

And of course I sleep in my hammock. Mostly because I find that sleeping in a hammock is much more comfortable than sleeping in a tent on the ground, even with a sleeping pad.

And so I finished setting up that evening, ate dinner and went to bed. Well, before that I took a picture of the sunset over what I could see of the lake.

I meant to get up and take a picture of the sunrise too, but I did not know where it would be anyway, so I just slept in.

Exploring Inks Lake Texas State Park

The next morning I got up and broke camp and loaded everything back into my car and headed to headquarters to check in since I had gotten there after it closed the night before.

I got over there, checked in, got a map and decided to go exploring.

I don’t know if you can read any of it, but I decided to go on the lake trail to the very left first. And so I did. It was very beautiful, with many good fishing spots and views. There was a lot of granite (obviously) and it was all very beautiful. I hiked all the way around that little spur of the lake and took lots of pictures.

I met some people fishing as well. They said that they were fishing for bass. It looked like it would be a good area seeing as bass like structure and there were lots of underwater trees sticking up above the surface.

I walked all the way over to the fishing pier and saw several people along the shore fishing and just hanging out.

So I wandered over to the fishing pier and there was also a fish cleaning station. Which is pretty cool. I will try to lay off on the pics though. If you want me to include more let me know in the comments.

Well, I wandered around and found some more interesting campsites than the one that I stayed at, and I think that next time I go I will stay at one of those. Mostly because they were right on the lake and not in a boggy part either, so I could just drop my kayak in the water and take off from there. Which would be awesome.

The Devil’s Waterhole

After I walked around on that side of the lake I went over to the devil’s waterhole, which is a popular place to swim since it is deep and there is an outcropping that you can jump off of. It looked like a lot of fun, but I had already decided not to swim, so I passed on that.

Instead I went on the loop hike that overlooks the river that feeds into the lake. It was really pretty and there was a waterfall that also looked like it would be fun to swim at.

If I go again, I would actually prefer to swim here as it had no people near it and was much more quiet that the devil’s waterhole.

Anyway I hiked all the way around the loop and there were more outlooks that I took photos at, but I think I have included enough.

I finished the loop trail and then went home. All in all it was very fun even by myself and I would definitely go again and if you are ever in the area I encourage you to visit. You won’t regret it.

Well, Let me know what you think of my photos and my trip in the comments section below. Let me know about your own experiences too. I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Camping!

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