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Hi All, Welcome to foraviewofthestars.com. I have made this website for the express intention of helping people, especially those who feel trapped by city living, get outside more and experience how wonderful outdoor activities can be for both the body and the mind.


My Story

Well, I grew up running wild on 70 acres of land in the Texas Hill Country and loved every second of it. I hated going to school as a child and sitting indoors studying all day. I would do my homework on the bus on the way home just so I could spend the rest of the day playing outside.

Unfortunately, my family circumstances changed when I was ten and we moved to the city. I spent the rest of my childhood there and I hated that I was unable to just go outside and be away from everything. I often climbed outside onto the roof of the house at night and stared at the stars and wished things were different.

Fast forward to adulthood, and I am still living in the city (unfortunately) and even though I still hate being around so many people all the time I have made my peace with it. The reason I was able to do so is that once I ha

d my first steady job and my first apartment I discovered a love of getting outside the city and visiting state and national parks whenever I could. It has kept me sober in the face of the frustration that I feel living surrounded by people 24/7.


Why I Made For A View of the Stars

I grew up feeling so out of place for hating the city, but now I realize that there are many people who feel trapped by it and want a way to out, and even though it is extremely difficult to escape and be able to make a living in a small town or afford a place close enough to the city to commute, but far enough not feel claustrophobic, it is possible to vent some of that frustration by getting away from the city when possible.

That is why I made this website, to encourage all those who feel like there is no escape from the rat race and living the way we do to get outside and enjoy all that it has to offer, even if that only means going to the closest city park and sitting in the sun for an hour and listening to the birds. It does wonders for the soul and I believe that too few people take the time to get outdoors anymore.


The Goal of My Site

The reason I built this site is to help all those with the desire to get outside more do so, even if they don’t know where to start.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Gretchen Alena



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